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an inhaler in the mountains

Head for the Mountains Kid!

For as long as I can remember I have had wonderful and amazing doctors that have taken care of me over the years. I have said before that I was both lucky and unlucky to be born in the late 20th century. Lucky because inhaler devices had been invented and I was able to get instant relief from my asthma. And unlucky because asthma medications as a whole were relatively still in their infancy.

To think I was using nebulizers and steroids when I was just four years old blows my mind. This was not the fault of the medical teams looking after me. Unfortunately, it was simply the way things were back then. But the one constant thing during my growing up with asthma was that I always felt that I was well looked after. Support and care are so important to people who suffer from chronic conditions. Having great care makes you feel less alone and can give you the feeling that things can get better.

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My doctor recommended a holiday to Austria

When I was around eight or nine years old I had my regular appointment with my primary care doctor. According to my mum, (because I have no memory of this) he suggested that we should take a family holiday in Austria. In the mountains. He told my mum that the quality of the air would be good for me if I went to a place where you are several feet above sea level. Not really sure how true this is, because I have heard that for COPD patients it can exacerbate their symptoms. Perhaps my mum remembered this wrong but we did go on a holiday to Westendorf, Austria and it was amazing.

My asthma did clear!

My asthma did improve and my eczema cleared up but I wonder if it was just because it was two weeks of eating good food and drink and no rubbish, like crisps, chocolate, burgers, etc. Also, the water was lovely and soft which always helped my allergies. Whatever it was, I am really grateful that my doctor gave us the recommendation. I have such lovely memories of my time in Austria with my parents and my brothers. I remember feeling free from all my ailments and it was such a lovely warm summer that I will never forget.

Trips to a warmer climate

If I need a reset, I put my body in for a 'service' as we do with our cars. I always try to get away to a warmer climate. A place with clean fresh sea air, good Mediterranean food, and soft water. It does me the world of good and just gives me that extra boost to help me manage and maintain my health. It helps me with my mental health, too, which is key to staying well. For years I have toyed with the idea of emigrating to a warmer climate. I think it would really help me. Let's see, maybe one day.

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