Weird Pre-Medication Activities: Comedy?!

Now, sometimes I am smart. And many times I am not. This is one of those in-between times where I was not terribly un-smart, but also, I did not transfer situational knowledge to a new situation.

Often, when I attend concerts, I pre-medicate like I do for exercise. This depends on the type of concert, the amount of inaudible scream-singing/screaming I might do, or if the concert is a type that might find me jumping (this does not happen often but it has occurred). Because, look, people. Scream-singing and screaming are practically exercises. So I pre-medicate.


As I write this I’m about a half hour in the door after a three-hour comedy show fundraiser for local charities (including one of which I am on the Board of Directors of). Now, I don’t know WHY I was not thinking I would not spend nearly three straight hours laughing and eventually laugh-coughing, but look, present me is smarter than past me, okay?

The cough was not really that troublesome and I wasn’t having any other real symptoms, I was just… coughing. I had moved myself to the end of the row because my less-than-mobile right hip was struggling in the tiny aisle (you know it is tiny when you are 5’2” and having problems?) and I was happy I had done so because at least I had a direction to appropriately turn my head to cough. All good.

And then, the smsart-ness returned to me.

Except about 2/3 of the way through the show it dawned on me. I could be NOT COUGHING (as much) now had I taken my stupid inhaler beforehand. It was a fleeting thought. I went back to focusing on the funny people on the stage. Because look, retreating to the bathroom to post-medicate for not that bothersome symptoms was not exactly a thing I was about to do because it would have led me to miss the funny people. So, NOPE.

Why it did not dawn on me to pre-medicate to laugh for three hours? Who knows. Plus, I could’ve likely anticipated the perfume-y lady in front of me, no? (Also her jacket with the furry collar kept touching me and look, I have weird sensory issues so that was just NOT OKAY.) I figured it out after that, like for concerts, I should probably pre-medicate to go laugh for three hours. A la the comedy show. Given that is probably a weird breathing pattern that can also bring all kinds of triggery things like old-theater-smell and perfume my lungs

Note to self.

Note to self.
Pre-medicate for comedy shows. And other general nonsense like that. (Look, comedy is definitely nonsense. That is the whole point.)

What are weird activities that you pre-medicate for?

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