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Do You Have Other Conditions in Addition to Your Asthma?

Last updated: November 2022

Asthma can impact your life in a significant way. Managing symptoms, treatments, triggers, doctors' appointments, and more can be challenging and exhausting. We know that many people with asthma also contend with other conditions. These are called comorbidities.

We are always interested in learning more about our community. So, we want to find out more about which conditions you contend with in addition to your asthma, and how those conditions (or treatments for them) affect your asthma. We would love for you to take our comorbidity poll below to help us learn!

Comorbidity poll: Do you have a condition in addition to asthma?

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Do you have another condition in addition to asthma?

Community Poll

Does your other condition(s) impact your asthma?

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How many medications do you take to manage your conditions, including asthma?

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From this list pick any and all conditions that you currently contend with:

If the condition(s) you have along with your asthma is not listed in the poll, please leave a comment with the condition name. Or you can join our forum that discusses asthma comorbidities. This forum is an opportunity to share your experience managing multiple conditions and how they may also affect your asthma.

Thank you for participating and helping us learn more about the possible comorbidities of asthma.

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How often do you experience a shortage in your asthma medication?