What Is In a Name? (Part 1)

On a recently commute into the city, I was reading a scientific journal. I originally wanted to listen to a podcast, however I forgot my headphones and I didn’t want to be one of those people that listen to music on the subway without headphones for the entire car to hear their soundtrack. Note that this person already existed on my current commute. I do not understand why people think that I want to enjoy their soundtrack too. What was more alarming was that not a single person recommended that they save their listening till they found headphones or were somewhere else. Proof that Canadians are especially tolerant or “nice”, or at least non-confrontational. In an attempt to curb my boredom Iremembered that I had a journal article on my phone. The article was on asthma endotypes and targeted therapies https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/29018800 . As I was reading the article it had me thinking of sheer vocabulary of things that we as asthma patients come across and are expected to know or figure out. Here is my list with some definitions.

  • Severe asthma: Having severe symptoms almost all the time.1
  • Asthma Endotypes: A subgroup of asthma defined by pathophysical mechanisms.2
  • Medication: A drug or other form of medication used to prevent or treat a disease.3
  • Compliance: "The extent to which a patient acts in accordance with the prescribed interval, and dose of a dosing regimen.”4
  • Airway Inflammation: "Nonspecific protective reaction of vascularized tissues to injury.”5
  • Biologics (said in the voice of a sports announcer!): "The term “biologic” is used for medications and other healthcare products that are made from living animals, plants, or cells, instead of through a chemical process.”6
  • Airway Hyper-responsiveness "Airway hyper-responsiveness is a characteristic feature of asthma and consists of an increased sensitivity of the airways to an inhaled constrictor agonist.”7
  • Inspiratory: Breathing in.
  • MDI: Metered Dose Inhaler. A pressurized inhaler that delivers medication by use of a propellant.8
  • DPI: Dry Powder Inhaler. I am a fan but not everyone is
  • Biomarker: A broad sub category of identifying characteristics. 9
  • T2 (Th2): T-helper type 2 cells.10
  • Action plan: A set of written instructions that guides asthma management.11
  • Corticosteroid: Steroids made by the outer cortex of the adrenal gland (or synthetically made).12
  • Sputum: My favorite! A mixture of saliva and mucous coughed up by the respiratory system.13

I am sure there are lots of other words and I would love to know yours!

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