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If You Had One Asthma-Related Wish, What Would You Wish For? 

Last updated: November 2022

Let’s say you had a genie. Or let’s say you found a leprechaun? Or let’s say you found a wishing well? In either case, you get a wish. And it has to be something asthma related. And it has to be a wish for you, not someone else. So, what would you wish for?

Me? What would I wish for?

I would wish to go to hunting camp at our cabin as long as I wanted without experiencing any asthma symptoms. That is my humble wish. I want to spend three or four days at the cabin without asthma issues. I want to be able to sleep in the cabin without needing my inhaler several times during the night.

There are various ways this could be accomplished via the person/being/thing granting the wish.

  1. My asthma could go away. That would be the simplest way. If I did not have asthma, I could live a normal guy's life and spend all week at the cabin if I wanted. Actually, this way of granting my wish would do more than grant my wish – it would make my whole life better.
  2. I could be introduced to some new medical treatment. A new medicine? Some form of allergy shots to make my allergies go away? There are a lot of options here.
  3. The weather could be nice. If the weather were nice, I could sleep in my car. But during hunting season, it’s too cold at night to sleep in my car. So, if it were at least 60 degrees at night, I would be able to sleep in my car and avoid the triggers inside the cabin.
  4. The cabin could be remodeled. I don not see this happening without a wish, due to cost. But a fully remodeled cabin would do the trick. This would clear out any asthma triggers in there and make the air clean and easy for breathing. A surprise.

Or is there some other way, something I or no one else has thought of, that would allow me to enjoy hunting camp like the other guys? What would it be? Hmmm.

How others participate in hunting camp

Most of the guys just pack a few things, and they are off to the cabin. They have fun and they get tired. And they sleep wherever they find a spot. And they sleep well through the night. And they get up feeling great. No worries. All fun.

How a person with asthma participates in hunting camp

For us asthmatics, it’s not that easy, is it? We have to make sure we pre-medicate. We have to make sure we have all our medicines. We have to make sure we have a full inhaler and maybe a spare. We have to make sure we have a portable nebulizer that works. And, of course, we need to have nebulizer medications.

And we have to pack clean sheets to put over the bed in the cabin. And we have to bring our own pillows with clean pillowcases. And we have to get there early so we can get a bed by the window so we can open it for fresh air.

And we have to avoid the smoke. And the smoke almost always blows toward the person with asthma. It’s like we are magnets. So we get our exercise hopping from chair to chair around the fire. It’s like a game of musical chairs, only this game is called asthma chairs.

Yeah! I want to avoid all that. I want to be like normal guys, even for just one year. Maybe next year?

I wish to be a normal person for the three days of hunting camp next year!

What is your asthma-related wish?

Please let us know in the comments below.

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