Asthma in America 2019 Survey: Now Closed

An asthma diagnosis can be a frustrating experience. It can mean so many changes to one's day to day: doctor's appointments, follow up visits, taking maintenance medication every day, washing asthma supplies like nebulizers, mouthpieces, spacers, and more.

In today's age of the internet, many people jump online to find out information about asthma, the stages of asthma and the different treatments available to manage it. But it can be even more difficult to get emotional support to cope with asthma. It's important to find someone who's been through it all, who can share their experiences, listen to yours, and all in all connect with you about what it really is to live with asthma.

How can a survey help?

The Asthma In America survey is an annual survey on that seeks to help with some of these answers: not just about the treatments and the condition, but also fulfill the informational and support needs those living with asthma may have. The survey covers “basics” like diagnosis and treatment experiences, but also dives into the nitty-gritty, like the emotional impact and the seemingly “small” day-to-day challenges.

Each person that takes the survey contributes to a better understanding of asthma and can help others who are going through it feel less alone. Sharing experiences in the survey can reveal how similar each person’s asthma journey is, as well as the differences that make each journey unique.

What happens after I take the survey?

After the survey closes each year, the Editorial Team at takes your responses and creates an infographic filled with information about living with asthma. But that’s not all – over the year, we publish articles based on learnings from the survey, like this one about how fatigue and asthma might be more connected than previously thought or this article about the emotions living with asthma can bring up in a person. Each article published using responses from the survey contributes to the information available to those affected by asthma and helps them connect with those who have walked the same path.

The 2019 survey

The Asthma In America 2019 survey is now closed. Thank you to everyone who participated! The data you shared was used to create this infographic.

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