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a rising sun wheezing

My Wheezy Mornings

As an asthma patient, mornings are more often than not a little tricky. I don’t exactly know what happens during the night but come the early hours of the morning my chest feels more wheezy than usual. According to an article written by another community member, “It has been long-recognized that asthma severity is linked to our circadian rhythms. Typically, the worst symptoms occur at night, leading to the common term, nocturnal asthma." So, this may be the reason why I feel the way I do in the mornings. It's almost as if during the night my airways say "right, time to tighten and narrow up fellas!"

Muggy weather makes it difficult to breathe

I wonder if there is a connection between asthma and laying down? Because I feel when I sit up my breathing is far less restricted. Does anyone know? Things can worsen during the allergy season too, and right now, here in the UK, we are experiencing very high levels of pollen. This has affected me greatly because the muggy weather just makes it difficult to breathe clearly. It is not particularly hot over here but the air seems thick and sticky. I think the air quality is a little worse than usual for this time of year. I thought I had prepared myself well for this season by increasing certain medications (with the aid of my doctor) but perhaps I need to increase further?

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This morning I woke with a very tight, wheezy chest. My eyes were stuck shut because of the gloopy substance that I cannot, for the life of me, seem to shift. And I just remember thinking, life shouldn't have to be like this. Then I quickly banish those thoughts from my mind because I know there are millions who suffer much more than I do.

Having these conditions is time-consuming

Anyway, I got up, took a puff of my inhaler, and stumbled like an aging drunken man into the shower. Post shower, I felt a lot better. I had taken all my meds, including my antihistamines, and I also used my mucus exhaler to help clear my airways further. Having a debilitating condition such as asthma, eczema and other allergies is so draining. Most of my spare time is spent trying to make sure my life does not spiral into dangerously low levels of physical and mental health. Even as I tap away at these articles I write, you can be sure that I will need to stop and take lots of breaks to sort myself out. Lord give me strength!

Asthma warriors bracing for summer

The summer is silently waiting for us Asthma warriors. We have to brace ourselves and prepare for the battle ahead. The next three months are going to be tough. Luckily, I have great people around me and feel like I am in good hands with the medical professionals in charge of looking out for me. I am pretty confident I can have a good summer but only if I make preemptive strikes. Looking after my health is so important to me, otherwise, I cannot function properly. I keep reminding myself that it is okay to say no to others occasionally. You have to put yourself first sometimes. As the late great journalist and philosopher Christopher Hitchens once said, "Do not live for others any more than you would expect others to live for you."

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