When Asthma Mom Gets Sick

So, as mom to 3 kids with asthma, I'm the one who takes care of the family when someone gets sick.

In fact, it's probably safe to say that most moms take care of their family when they are sick.

But - what happens when the mom gets sick? And she has asthma too?

Who takes care of us?

It's been a REALLY weird year, this is the 4th time I have been sick with bronchitis since November. What's going on? Well, lots of traveling and airports.

I have had work and personal trips, and every time I fly with the Hubster, I get sick. He's not exactly a germ freak like me. I carry a package of antibacterial hand wipes with me, as well as travel hand sanitizer. And I use them constantly.

Pull down the tray on the airplane? You MIGHT want to clean it after reading this quote from a Time Magazine article:

"Alarmingly, a 2015 study by TravelMath that tested samples from hard surfaces in planes found that tray table surfaces had more than eight times the amount of bacteria per square inch than the lavatory flush buttons. The trays had 2,155 colony forming units of bacteria per square inch—compared to the 127 cfu/sq. in., which is what the National Science Foundation says is standard for a toilet seat at home."

Yeah, that thing is getting cleaned with an antiseptic wipe! (Or two!)

Touch a bathroom doorknob without using a paper towel? (I hate it when they only have air dryers and no paper towels to use to open the door....) Use hand sanitizer after you touch the doorknob!

Handle a germy menu? Hand sanitizer please.

Use the TV remote in the hotel? Not until it's wiped down with an antibacterial wipe! They are one of the dirtiest items in a hotel room.

So, yeah - I'm a germ freak, but I manage to stay pretty healthy. But the Hubster isn't a germ freak, so he gets sick. Then he coughs and sneezes all over everything and then a few days later, I get sick.


So, here I am - back from a Sunday visit to Urgent Care. A fun 2 hours visit with a chest x-ray, breathing treatment with the compressor and nebulizer, - and trying to find a pharmacy that's open on a Sunday.

So, who takes care of me now that I'm sick? Well.....I do.

Moms seem to have that sense of when a sick family member needs something. Cold washcloth for your forehead honey? How about a popsicle? It's time for a breathing treatment! Want to watch a video? Or how about a book to read?

But when moms are sick, the family acts like a deer in the headlights.

They are at a loss. What do we do now?!

She's coughing again. Hope she's okay. (I just stumble over and assemble the nebulizer and give myself a treatment.) Then my shaky hands try to pour a dose of prescription cough medicine.

Then I check my list to make sure I haven't forgotten anything.

Breathing treatment? Check! Record the time so I know what time I can have the next dose.

Cough medicine? Check and record the time.

Antibiotic? Check! Record the time.

Food? Hmm....

I'm silently laughing as I see the family in the kitchen, trying to decide what to make for dinner. They are walking around, opening cupboards and looking in the fridge. (Mind you, I have a husband and 3 adult children....) They are waiting for a meal to magically appear. (Picture a facepalm emoji here).

They finally decide to make omelets and bring a plate in for me, as I'm too sick to get up from the couch.

Now - how many of you moms are laughing as you read this?

I can hear you saying, "Mmmhmmm. Every. Time. I. Get. Sick." This is my life!

Okay, ladies, let's hear your stories! What do you do when you get sick? What does your family do?

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