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Cold Air and Asthma

“Every mile is two in winter”- George Herbert

This morning the outside temperature here was negative 5 degrees Celcius. I woke up extremely wheezy. Not struggling to breathe or anything like that, just a wheezy chest that I knew was due to the air temperature.

I make sure to have my heating come on for 2 hours in the morning and 4 hours in the evening. The world is going through a major energy crisis which has meant that fuel and energy costs have risen sharply. Unfortunately, this means that for me, I have to ration when I turn the heating on. It’s a shame that anyone has to think like this when keeping warm but especially people that are living with chronic conditions. I know it is essentially a first-world problem but it is a problem nevertheless.

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Getting ready for the winter months

As I write this we are nearing the end of December and weather-wise, this is just the beginning. We probably have another two or three months of this and for anyone with respiratory conditions, these next few months are key in trying to minimize the stress our bodies will come under. According to, “You might notice that your asthma symptoms get worse when it’s cold. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Cold air is dry, which irritates your airways. It can also make you produce more mucus, which can make your asthma feel worse.”

Right now, I feel fairly blocked up. I am making sure that I am keeping strict with all my medications. And am also starting to change my routine as to coincide with the winter season.

Warm fluids may help to alleviate my asthma

If I do not keep warm and well hydrated my body simply will not be able to cope with this cold spell. A nice warm drink I like to have is hot chocolate. I personally use raw cacao, Manuka honey, and heated almond milk. It is absolutely delicious and is a great way to keep your body warm. Coffees and teas are fine to drink. The more varied the choice the less chance one has of becoming bored. I have red and ginger tea which helps to relax my respiratory muscles and just makes me feel refreshed.

Hot showers

There is nothing I find more comforting than taking a nice hot shower. It is probably not the best thing to do for my skin but I cannot resist. The steam from the shower helps to open up my airways and again, is a great way of keeping warm. I know some people find the hotter the water, the worse their asthma becomes, so it is really important to understand your own body and how it reacts to different temperatures. Making sure your towels are nice and warm just adds that extra comfort when drying.

Managing asthma in the cold of winter

Has anyone got any good tips for dealing with the cold weather, and managing your asthma? That reminds me, I must get myself a nice hot water bottle. Apparently, it is a great thing to have in bed during the cold evenings!

Share your tips and tricks in the comments section below!

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