Worst Winter of my Life!!

Worst Winter Of My Life!

What. A. Winter.

I've never been so sick, so many times.

A weakened immune system

It started in December when I had bronchitis. My lungs were on fire and I needed an antibiotic and a course of oral steroids (prednisone) - which impairs the immune system.  I knew I didn't have a choice. It was either take prednisone or end up in the hospital. (As a mom to 3 kids who were hospitalized numerous times with asthma and pneumonia, I knew what the possibilities were.) So I took the prednisone.

I knew my immune system would be impaired, but I am a germaphobe and felt like I could protect myself. Then January came, and I started a cold and low-grade fever. I thought, "Here we go again!" I was preparing for the worst and was worried since I was scheduled for a flight a few days later. I was really surprised that my cold only lasted a couple of days. Yesssss!

Then came the flight back, and The Hubster was sick with what we thought was a cold. But then he got worse. He ended up with influenza (the flu.) I tried to avoid him and stay in another area of the house, but I got sick anyway. I went to Urgent Care, and told them that The Hubster had the flu and I feel like I'm getting it too. I also told them that  I have asthma and was on prednisone in December, so my immune system is down. Urgent Care doc was surprised to hear that my lungs were already full of gunk, so they started me on prednisone (again), and an antibiotic.

From one sickness to another during winter

Fast forward to March, and I started with a little scratchy throat. I thought, "This can't be happening....again!" How can I be sick so many times this winter? I have used almost all of my sick time at work and am now using vacation time while I am home sick. (I don't work at one of those places that let you work from home. I am supposed to be in my office 40 hours a week.)

So, I headed back to my Primary Care Doctor this morning (since I can't get a same-day appointment at Asthma Doc's office.) I had to remind Primary Care  Doc that I have asthma (which lets him know any respiratory infection is going to be 10 times worse for me.) And to remind him that I was on prednisone in December and January, so my immune system is down.

Slowly getting back to normal

I feel like my lungs are a LITTLE bit better than January's bronchitis, I'm not at the "burning" stage yet, so I want to hold off on the prednisone. I feel that if I go on another course of prednisone, it will set me and my immune system back even further. He agreed, and said to try the antibiotic first and see if that helps me get better. Then he diagnosed me with bronchitis, laryngitis and an ear infection.

So, time for chicken soup, orange juice, nebulizer treatments and cough medicine. And some mindless entertainment on Netflix.

Anyone else having a rough winter?

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