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In this article titled, "Complementary Medicine For Asthma," Ashlen talks about health as a current trend with the rise of health and wellness "influencers" on social media. Many people are pulled in by the latest trend, whether it be juice cleanses or superfoods, and rely on them for care. However, what is the validity of certain types of complementary medicine? What does the data say?


In Samantha's article titled, "Tips for the Annual Asthma Appointment," she shares her experience with her annual asthma check-up. Samantha recently experienced an acute asthma attack and, as someone who had their asthma fairly well-controlled for a long time, she was concerned about her numbers. She shares how she approached her most recent appointment and what she recommends others consider before their check-ups.


As Kerri outlines in her article, "Added Extras: Common Co-Occurring Conditions with Asthma," asthma is often not a stand-alone condition. Comorbidities, such as allergies, eczema, GERD, and sleep apnea are commonly experienced by people with asthma as well. These conditions, similarly to asthma, vary in severity and how they impact quality of life.

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