Different Asthma experiences make up the larger whole and add to research.

Quiz: How Does Your Asthma Relate to Others'?

We all know that no 2 people experience asthma the exact same way. We each have our own age of diagnosis, symptoms, family history, severity, and more. In our 2020 Asthma In America survey, we set out to learn more about how asthma impacts each and every one of you. We thank the 1,025 people who took the survey, contributing to a growing body of asthma research. The more we learn about asthma, the closer we get to finding solutions for management and treatment.

While we compiled some of our learnings into an infographic detailing asthma at every age, we wanted to continue to share these findings with the greater asthma community. We invite you to share some of your experiences with us and compare them to what we saw in our survey. You may be surprised as to how you stack up!

Personal asthma quiz

In our 2020 Asthma In America survey, the average age of diagnosis was 31. However, 34 percent of those surveyed said that they were diagnosed under the age of 18.

In our survey, a sibling was the most commonly reported family member with asthma, at a whopping 26 percent!

In our 2020 Asthma In America survey, fatigue and cold or allergy symptoms were tied for the most commonly reported symptoms at 70 percent. Additionally, 65 percent reported shortness of breath during everyday activities and 63 percent said they experienced wheezing or noisy breathing.

In our survey, 14 percent of people said they currently use a biologic. Ninety-five percent said they use a rescue inhaler, and 87 percent said they use a maintenance inhaler.

The most common severity group were those with moderate persistent asthma. The second-highest reported severity was severe persistent asthma.

Of those who took our survey, 34 percent reported that asthma negatively affected their finances. Additionally, 29 percent used a financial support program to help pay for medication within the past 6 months.

The most commonly used resource was a healthcare provider, followed by asthma-specific websites, internet searches, and Facebook.

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