Spotlight: Nutrition & Health

Spotlight: Nutrition & Health

March is National Nutrition Month and the asthma community is focusing on the how nutrition can be beneficial to our health. We will be chatting about how nutrition can impact your overall health, how food and health can relate to one another, food triggers, and how to get our nutritional needs met when living with a chronic condition like asthma.

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Can Your Diet Improve Asthma Control?
By John Bottrell- March 9, 2017-
There really is no asthma diet, per se. However, according to some studies, there do seem to be certain foods/drinks/nutrients that favor better asthma control...

The asthma-friendly kitchen: low-inflammatory ingredients
By Lorene Alba- May 11, 2016
For the last few years I have been combining my two passions; educating people with asthma to better take care of their disease, and my love of cooking and sharing delicious food...

Asthma Diet
By Editorial Team-
A nutritious diet is healthy for everyone – including people with asthma. Several observational studies show that eating nutrient-rich foods is linked with lower rates of asthma...

Asthma-friendly Kitchen: Healthy Breakfast
By Lorene Alba- August 10, 2016
One of the best ways to prepare for a busy day of work or play is to eat a healthy breakfast, one with lots of protein that will keep you energized all day...

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