Spotlight on: #selfcareaware

Spotlight on: #SelfCareAware

Living with asthma has it's challenges. Some days, it’s hard just to even get out of bed, let alone remember to (eat regularly, breathe, or practice mindfulness, etc.). However, it's these kinds of self care activities that help you maintain your overall health for the long run. The next 14 days we are going to celebrate being #SelfCareAware and share easy ideas on how you can do it. Here's how you can participate:

Follow us on Twitter to get your daily self care tip. Use #SelfCareAware and tweet us how you are doing with your self care task! In addition, we've got lots of other ways for you to join in the celebration below!

What’s “self care” all about, anyway?

Self care is about looking after and taking care of yourself - in a healthy way. It's about finding beneficial ways of coping. Whether it’s brushing your teeth every day, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, self-care activities are ways that help maintain your health. While they may seem little and unimportant, they actually add up and can have a long term impact on how you feel.


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What changes are you making - or have you made in the past - to be #selfcareaware? How did the changes impact your life (and your asthma?) Share your story with the community.
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