The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Spotlight: Pets & Health

Last updated: October 2022

This month our spotlight feature is on Pets & Health! Living with asthma and owning a pet can certainly have it's challenges, and we know that sometimes certain pets may trigger your asthma. But, owning a pet (with hair or without) can actually have health benefits.

There's nothing better than the affection you can get from your pet when life isn't treating you so well. So we're sharing some articles and stories on how pets can impact your health, things to consider when owning a pet, and even how you can care for your pet when you aren't feeling so great. If you #LoveYourPet, we've got something for you to check out.

Follow us on Twitter to talk about how you #LoveYourPet. Use #LoveYourPet and tweet us about how your pet helps you each day, or how it impacts your day. Don't have a pet stay tuned, our daily articles may give some asthma tips!

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Read how other community members talk about pets and their asthma.

Pets Can be Good For Your Health!
By Theresa Cannizzaro
Cats were definitely a source of comfort and calm when my asthma was acting up. There is just something about petting an animal, whether it be a cat or dog etc that can be incredibly therapeutic....

4 Reasons We Have No Pets In Our Home
By John Bottrell
My asthma was really bad as a kid, and no one gave it a thought it might be the dog. Of course, there were many other things in the house that could trigger asthma...

Dogs Heal In More Ways Than One
By Lorene Alba
Marley has taught me so much about life and unconditional love. He never seemed to mind when I stopped to catch my breath or use my rescue-inhaler...

Planes, Pets and Service Dogs: Tips for Flying with Allergies to Animal Dander
By Kerri MacKay
Let’s start with the fact that I do not have animal allergies that I know of. I once tested positive for a dog allergy but I think that skin test didn’t work right...

I Have Asthma, Can I Still Have A Dog?
By Lorene Alba
So, what do you do when your health care provider makes a quick assumption and suggests you remove your beloved pet from your home...

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