Wasn't Diagnosed with Asthma Until My Mid-Thirties

Last updated: February 2022

Ever since I was a child I was always sick with some kind of "cold" or "respiratory" problem. I get into my thirties and have bout after bout of pneumonia with a persistent cough. The "disease" would be "gone" but I still would have the cough. It got so bad that people began to avoid me because they thought they could "catch" whatever was causing me to cough.

Finally, I had a new doctor because we had moved to another city, and he told me I had asthma. How did he know?? Because he was also asthmatic and recognized the symptoms! I've been on medication ever since, and though I still have a cough, at least I and my family know what is causing it and I get some relief from the medications I am on. Oh yeah, I haven't had pneumonia since I was diagnosed with and treated for asthma.

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