Asthma in 1952

I started my asthma journey in 1952 at age 4 living with 2 parents that smoked heavily. At age 71, I have learned much about how critical self care is, having boundaries and knowing my limits. It has been a difficult learning curve and I get better at it each day. My team consists of my pulmonologist, my functional metabolic nutritionist, my husband, and my close friends who "get it." I started sorting a mask at church and other crowded places about 2 years ago...I was already equipped with my Breathe Healthy supply of masks way before this COVID-19 virus came to be. I am grateful for the great progress in the medications over my lifetime.

The value in a quieter life

I still work and, with this crisis, I now can work only from home thus further insulating me from exposures to any seemingly insignificant virus. I have much faith in God and He has been my Rock through difficult times. I pray for others which allows me to shift my focus when I have gone through my most difficult times. I have learned to have a much quieter life as my asthma has progressed and I appreciate technology and the ability to hear from other asthma travelers in our world. Thank you.

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