Using Biologics to Treat Severe and Eosinophilic Asthma

Hi there. I'm now 15 months in using the treatment Benralizumab.This medication works for me as I had in the past at least 6 exacerbations a year and the last year only 3. Xolair didn’t do anything. Since the end of 2018, I've been diagnosed with eosinophilic asthma (EA). My question which comes up reading an article: Can I assume EA is a non-allergic type?

I do have some allergies diagnosed, but I can tell you I do not get the symptoms mentioned from my allergies. I’ve been diagnosed with occupational asthma since 1991 specifically irritant induced. I've also been diagnosed with late-onset asthma at the age of 53.

Can eosinophilic asthma be the outcome of working with these hazardous and irritating substances I worked with? These are not the known allergens but the so-called low molecular weight irritants. An example would be Chromium VI in paint and poor working conditions. Reports of these poor working conditions are in my possession.

As a child I did not have the slightest symptoms of asthma, nor does it run in the family. The fact that Benralizumab works for me and many people label EA as non-allergic may not be enough evidence. Can I assume EA is a non-allergic type? Or do you know for sure?

With regards, Donald

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