Chinese Food, MSG and Asthma

This is my recent experience from June 15, 2022. I hadn't had Chinese food in several months. Normally I'll eat half the meal and my daughter will finish it the next day, but because I had swam an hour that day, I was completely famished. About 45 minutes to an hour after eating, I could hear myself wheezing while talking on the phone with my husband. No other triggers were in the house, air purifiers running on high. After using my inhaler, the wheezing was gone.

Upon trying to online search, I found some information about MSG and its effects on sensitive people, but knowing one can't always trust the Internet for viable information, I had asked a question here of a respiratory therapist, after trying to search MSG and asthma on I had also found out on June 16, 2022, from another severe asthmatic I know after sharing with her, that she started having an asthma attack before she finished eating the last time she had Chinese food.

I just wanted to share my experience with this community and see who else has noticed this trigger and to get the word out. MSG could be a trigger for any number of other unsuspecting asthmatics. Thank you, Leon, for the gentle nudge to share. I learn so much and am deeply encouraged by the many blogs with wonderful information.

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