Weather and Asthma

At the first hint of cool weather, I might as well assume I will need my inhaler. It happens every year. However, this year has been a bit different and not in a good way. Because of COVID, my gym (YMCA) decided to hold classes outside in the parking lot since we couldn't go inside to workout. This is a great idea and it works really well, but here in NC, it has been very moist. It could be the humidity, fog, misty rain, dew, etc., and because I am allergic to aspergillus mold and it is cool outside at 6 AM now and I am exercising, this has become an asthma trigger. Some days I am fine and other days I start coughing and have to use my inhaler. I never know from day to day how my lungs are going to react so that precious inhaler goes with me everywhere (and should anyway!).

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