New Symptoms Difficult to Handle

I feel like I'm in a living nightmare. For the last 2 months, I've spent most of my time in bed unable to care for my family. About 2 months ago, I noticed that I had excess mucus building up in my chest, but I didn't think much of it. A couple of days later, I began experiencing shortness of breath, so I went and dug out the old inhaler.

I've been treated on and off for asthma for years, but it has always been so mild that I questioned the diagnosis. Now I am on 3 inhalers. I've done 2 rounds of prednisone, methylprednisolone, and a round of antibiotics. I am still experiencing some symptoms, but the excess mucus is almost unbearable. I have seen so many specialists in these last 2 months and I still haven't gotten any answers. I need some relief!!! Can asthma symptoms really last for months?

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