Unwanted Visitors

Several years ago, I took on a job in an office in a very old building. It was a job that I really enjoyed and the co-workers were great! Two months had passed when symptoms of fatigue first began. I passed it off as adapting to new surroundings and office procedures. Several weeks later my health began to grow worse. The fatigue was so great that I was starting to fall asleep at the wheel. My left lung was completely infected and the infection was beginning in my right lung. I was placed on antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, and the first inhaler I ever had. Then, the tests began.

Another day, another test

You name it, I was tested for everything that involved the symptoms I was having. Each test came up negative, so the next step was a specialist. In the same week, a lady came into my office one afternoon and walked me to a room in the basement that was underneath the office I was working in. To my shock, thick, black mold covered every wall and ceiling! I immediately called my doctor and told her what was found. Yep… I had been introduced to the harmful effects of MOLD.

Discovering asthma triggers

Fast forward a year later … I was introduced to asthma triggers. A neighbor changed their heat source to a wood-burning stove. I was carrying laundry upstairs when all of a sudden I could not catch my breath. My husband rushed to my rescue and brought me my inhaler. The smoke had entered into our home. Then came costs of sealing crevices, new windows, and insulated doors, amongst other projects just to make the house safe. The infection caused by the mold was the culprit. After discovering asthma triggers, I am learning to adapt to changes that need to be made in order to stay healthy, while being thankful for family, friends and new friends that come my way.

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