Elusive Exercise Motivation

Before I acquired asthma in 2014, I was fit and active. I swam regularly, hiked, did tai chi, and took regular walks with my dog.

Since having asthma, I find it very hard to do anything much. The constant stopping and starting totally erodes my motivation and enthusiasm! Each asthma flare sends me further backward. The weight gain from steroids hasn't helped. I don't like how I look and feel and I don't enjoy the effort it takes when I am always short of breath.

Finding exercise motivation with asthma

Motivation can be elusive. The only thing that keeps me trying is my dislike of how I am, including not being fit, becoming fearful of falling again, being unable to do everyday things, and loathing knowing that I am obese.

I have come to the conclusion that exercising with a friend isn't for me. Why? Because when I get up in the morning I never know whether I will be able to participate or not! I dread the phone call: "Sorry, can't make it today". My asthma is constantly present. I never have a day free of it. "Control" is an alien concept... days are rated as: okay, cautious, or not good. My motivation goes along similar lines... positive to questionable to none!

Making a plan to stay motivated with asthma

Since a recent accident, I am struggling. I have a broken arm and back damage. I cannot drive at the moment either.   But, I have made a plan. And I must put in place a timeline or I just won't start. A timeline is essential for me or I will procrastinate!

My exercise motivation plan

  1. Tai chi: Find an appropriate program and make contact next week. Start when doctor says it's okay.
  2. Home visits by a physio... program started.
  3. Restart hydro exercise program (do it on my own) and swimming... when doctor gives the okay. Give up... it hurt my arm too much.
  4. Get walking program going... start now!
  5. Accept some days of "nothing" is okay. (Keep working on this attitude)

Exercise motivation with asthma is a process

Motivation can be elusive. My goals are to build up strength so I don't fall again, and maintain a reasonable level of fitness to help my asthma, and, maybe lose some weight. I know this will get interrupted and I will have to restart over and over again. It is important for me not to give up, nor to give up on motivation.

How do you keep yourself motivated, especially when it becomes difficult to exercise?

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