Experience With COVID and Blood Clots

January 2nd I was got COVID and it was brutal. I contacted my pulmonologist when I tested positive. They prescribe steroid which helped keep my asthma under control and I was doing breathing treatments every 4 hours. I recovered, but my asthma was taking a beating, and I was put on another round of steroids.

I felt great and my asthma was back on track. Unfortunately, after 12 days later I had this pain in my left leg that woke me up out of my sleep. I was in tears so bad and just took Tylenol went back to sleep. I hated the thought of going to ER and just wanted to avoid it if possible. Thankfully I was able to get into my family doctor the next day. She checked me out and my left leg was 2 inches bigger than my right leg. I have a family history of pulmonary embolisms and I have blood disorder. She sent me to do ultrasound because she had suspicion I could have blood clot.

The ultrasound shown I had multiple blood clots in the left leg. My doctor sent me to the hospital to be admitted for observation. I spent 4 days in the hospital while I was in hospital I threw blood clot to the lungs and have multiple blood clots in both lungs. My hematologist said the blood clots were triggered by COVID.

I’m month and half out of recovery! It has been brutal! My asthma is being aggravated by the blood clots. I had to be put on steroid to calm down my asthma. It has been frustrating, but I know, I will have a long road of recovery. I’m just glad to still be a live. I have amazing team of doctors and thanks to my hematologist and pulmonologist.

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