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Seems Never Ending

I’ve been an asthmatic for around 20 years and the last 3 years have been the worse for me. I have been to an allergist to see if my asthma revolves around allergies and it seems to be why I have such horrible symptoms. I’ve been through the police academy and I coached soccer for my twins which involved running the fields with them with zero asthma flare-ups! I’ve been hospitalized 4 times with in the last 12 months with hospital stays for 7-10 days in duration!

Asthma and fall allergies

I’m currently an RN and this has taken a toll not only in my personal life but with my job as well. I take every precaution necessary to not have these flare-ups but here I am and it’s the beginning of November which means it’s the asthma season. I’m awake at 4 am with increased mucus in my lungs and wheezing (which makes my anxiety high). I’m drinking hot chocolate and I took 40mg of prednisone and using my rescue inhaler! Oh and by the way I was 135lbs a year ago and I now weigh 190lbs which has caused me to feel depressed.

Side effects of allergies

What I can say is prednisone and solumedrol for long periods of time will have these effects. It’s a horrible feeling since I’ve always been in shape, worked out but now I can’t. I’ve been losing weight but my fear is another episode and boom sitting in a hospital yet again on steroids. I’m open to any suggestions to help with my asthmatic flare-ups!

Thank you so very much

—- desperately seeking help

Jenny T, Indiana

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  • Janinka
    2 months ago

    Sounds like part of my problem. I also have a thcken center wall of my heart, and have been coughing 2 years. I try to avoid prednisone but need it. My cardiologist doesn’t seem to give credence to my asthma/cough and acted incredulous that I don’t walk every day. It’s winter. I’m up to 190#! I’m 74 and so run down. I’m also severely anemic and have scarred vocal cords from “cough, acid, cough”! Doing tests. Ct showed nodules in upper left lobe, 5-6 cm? Very frustrated. Triggers are cold air, caffeine, dairy, cigarette smoke, activity. Am accumulating drs who don’t know what to do.

  • Lyn Harper, RRT moderator
    3 months ago

    HI Jenny – Thank you for sharing your story with us. Obviously something has changed in the last few years that you need to get answers to. My first thought would have been developing allergies – but you said you went to an allergist, and I’m assuming that came back negative? You didn’t mention the type of ongoing treatment that your pulmonologist has you on. Obviously you have a rescue inhaler, but what else? What type of maintenance medications do you take? I would start with there and speak to your doctor about adding/changing/adjusting your daily medications.
    – Lyn (site moderator)

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