Family COVID

An interesting thing happened lately in our household. Covid came to visit. We have had relatives staying for a few months with us and more arrived on Christmas Eve. A total of 7 people were at our house.

Then one by one they started developing Covid symptoms-- from fever, headache, runny nose, chills, cough. 4 tested positive and one had no symptoms so they didn't get tested, but what are the odds they don't have it too.

The interesting part is that my husband and I, whose bedroom is in opposite part of the house but shared all meals and common activities with everybody, did not get sick. My husband even took a test to make sure and it was negative.
I started researching about asthma and Covid and found out that having asthma actually might have protected me against getting infected. Asthmatics have lower levels of ACE enzyme which Covid likes to attach to and most of us take daily steroid inhalers and that might also protect us.
I wonder if others have experienced similar situations.

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