Asthma Has A Mind Of Its Own

Last updated: July 2022

I am now 72 and was diagnosed with adult-onset asthma about 20 years ago. I also have reflux (apparently it is controlled) and sinus drainage (I take Zyrtec for a common mold allergy) so I have a cough all the time. At one point I used my inhaler so much that I developed a fungus on my vocal cords!

I had a sinus infection last April, but an antibiotic and Prednisone got rid of it. I continued to cough so bad, thus the fungus infection. I took a different antibiotic for that and it went away and the cough got better, but it came back. My ENT changed my reflux med and maintenance inhaler, which didn't work either. So my PCP just put me on a round of Prednisone and when I'm finished with that I am to see an otolaryngologist.

For me, asthma is getting harder to control. It seems everything sets it off...even a cup of yogurt. It is embarrassing and frustrating to start coughing in a restaurant, church, gym, etc. I keep my inhaler with me, cough drops, and a bottle of room temperature water.

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