Couldn't Breathe

In the past month, I've been to the ER twice. The first time, the doctor just said I had bronchitis and gave me a weeks worth of meds they worked until I ran out. Then again, I couldn't catch my breath for three days straight. This time, I couldn't lay down at all. The last time I had woken up coughing and got up so fast that I started foaming out my mouth and couldn't breathe for a good two minutes.

I went back to the ER that morning and they admittedly gave me IVs and my blood pressure was high 152. It's always 123-127. This woman had said, "I'm going to have to put you on oxygen." She said mine was low (86).

I'll be 30 years old Friday... this doctor actually cared for his patients and spent time with me and asked me if I have ever been told by a doctor that I had asthma. I said no and he said, "Well honey, you do." I don't have insurance so he gave me months' worth of meds/ antibiotics and a red inhaler along with a daily asthma inhaler. I couldn't afford it since it was 300 bucks, but I'm still on my meds feeling a lot better. I hope this time I will be ok.

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