Itchy Back

I replied to the Itchy Lung article with this as well: I have had itchy lungs since I was a kid. No one would ever say yes, I get an itchy back too. I just knew after running around outside in the fall in leaves in 1979, and my back would start to itch I was in for a long night. That mile, we had to run in school in the 70-80s? It almost killed me several times. Cold Midwest 20 below temps? I was shut down.

Still, no diagnosis. I didn’t get an inhaler until high school in 1987. I have always had one since, but no asthma diagnosis per se — just allergy tests where I am allergic to everything. I had a methacholine study today, so the results should be interesting. Now my itchy back results in tight lungs and lots of coughing and clear junk being coughed up. I am an enigma. I did allergy shots in the 90s. Thinking I will need those again and yes, my nickname since I was 10 is Weezie.

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