Itchy Chin

Last updated: September 2022

Until today I had no idea anyone else experienced the itchy chin. I experienced it for years when I laughed and started to wheeze because I had asthma as a child which eventually went. I've not suffered from it for at least the past 10 years. However, after a cold a few months ago, which I now think might have been COVID even though I never tested positive, I've been wheezing regularly and my itchy chin has returned.

Laughter triggers my itchy chin and asthma

Laughing is the biggest trigger, which is a pain as I laugh a lot! But I really experienced it today and my chin was driving me mad, which is why I thought about Googling it and found this site. Glad it's not just me. The problem is, it's never a sign of an impending attack, it happens at the same time. I laugh, then I start wheezing, and at the same time, my chin starts itching. Think it's about time I saw the doc!

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