Late onset asthma

When I retired, I kept getting sick with bronchitis. I went to my physician several times within 6 months, and many prescriptions later, they told me I needed to see a pulmonologist. Of course, hearing this news put many additional thoughts in my head since my dad had COPD and Emphysema and what he went through in his own healthcare journey. Will I have to go through what he went through?

After my pulmonologist told me I had asthma I was somewhat relieved, but I knew I had a long road ahead after learning about my late onset asthma and new disease. I always thought you got asthma when you were younger. I never thought I would have it when I'm a senior. So far, I have been lucky! I haven't haven't had to go to the hospital for an attack.

I exercise, take my medicine, and try to boost my immune system. Anything I can do to stay off of Prednisone (I don't like the effects) and out of the hospital. I also read up on asthma and late onset asthma, medications and everyone's posts and articles on You guys are a great support group!

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