Rough Road to a Better Life with Asthma

This may be hard for some to believe as it was for me, but I love running with asthma. For 48 years I struggled with asthma. NO different from any other asthma sufferer. I had real struggles with mowing the lawn, even going past a mowed hayfield... well you all know the struggles. I had shots, inhalers, and all the stuff to help.

"There is no way I could run with asthma"

At age 48 a friend tried to get me to start running. My response was, "there is no way I could run with asthma." After much prompting, I agreed to try. At first, I could not even go a tenth of a mile and I would be in the ditch panting. After much pushing by my friend and over a very long period of time I was able to actually run. Since then I have done 18 marathons and an ultra 50 miler.

A newfound love for running

Since I have done this my life has completely changed. I can now mow the yard and do normal things other people do. I still have asthma and take medicine and use an inhaler but it is under control. The main thing running does for you is it expands your lungs and while you are running it works the congestion out of your lungs. I am now 66 and I still run 30 miles a week and if I take more than two days off I can tell a big difference mainly because of congestion built up. This may not be for everyone but if you can suffer through the struggle of getting started and working yourself up, a new life with asthma is available.

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