Lung infections

When I was in my early 40s, I didn't think of myself as having asthma. I was rarely symptomatic and then only mildly. However, every winter, I would come down with a cold which turned into bronchitis with a persistent mucousy cough and fatigue so severe I canceled trips, appointments, dinners. It was frustrating and embarrassing.

The fatigue could last for a month or more. (The worst year, I was sick for three months). I began to wonder if I was "just" depressed, and the fatigue was all in my head. I never linked to asthma. Fortunately, after five winters of lengthy lung infections, they stopped!

Lung infections and winter ailments

Thirty years later, my asthma has gotten worse. Last year I went to the ER twice, and I fully acknowledge I have asthma. And, unfortunately, my winter ailment is back. A cold moved to my lungs with a barking cough and deep fatigue. I talked with my asthma doctor, and I had acupuncture, I visited an energy doctor, I took herbal supplements aimed at my immune system. I did everything I could think of to get better. I'm fortunate to be retired so that I could get plenty of rest, and now, seven weeks later, I feel like myself again.

Treatment options and methods

Do I think the professional care I received, or the herbs hastened my recovery? I don't know. The acupuncture gave me relief for a few hours, and I was happy about that, but I never felt well. I now recognize the link between asthma and susceptible lungs, and I believe the virus that caused the lung infection was tenacious, and it just plain took my body a long time to clear it.

Seeking prevention

Can I do anything to prevent this from happening again? I don't know. I am addressing slightly low vitamin D and iron levels in my blood, and I plan to take immune booster herbs in the fall. But right now, I believe that these infections have to run their course, and that's not very reassuring.

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