My Asthma

I am in my mid 30's. My family and I have had asthma a lot of our lives. My Dad (sadly he's passed away now) got his asthma pretty early on and Mum, she got hers later in life when she got sick with a bout of bronchitis. I don't know when I got my asthma.

Simple things set off asthma

My asthma can be set off by the smallest and simplest things but most of the times it is at least okay except the excess mucus (sorry if you were eating reading this). If I am around a place that has smoke in or even round it for too long, then I get breathless and sometimes I will go into an asthma attack.

The last bad one was when I was going to get someone, and the driver was smoking in their own car (fair enough I suppose because it was not mine they were driving.) Anyway, later that night I was with the person I was going to pick up and there were 4 people there and myself. I went to lay down and couldn't breathe properly and got really bad and I even went blue and couldn't even breathe so of course the ambulance was called and yup I landed up going to the Emergency Room. I was fine enough to go back to where I was staying.

If I am in a smoggy area for more than 2 weeks, then I'm done for. As for the heat, I think I am fine with that; nothing noted there. If I get sick, then I find my asthma gets worse and can, like most people I guess get bad asthma and if it gets really bad maybe an asthma attack. So, at this point in my life, I am okay as far as asthma attacks or really bad ones like I did have a while back as I have stated above.

Changing your treatment

I have changed and changed and changed my medications for a lot of my asthmatic life. I'm currently about to tell the Dr. where to stick this medication because I feel like it is not really the best for me to be using or else they will just have to give me another inhaler to use as a rescue inhaler because they have me on just one and that is the Turbuhaler and not combined with an inhaler even though I had a conversation with someone and they said their partner was on the same thing as me plus the old rescue inhaler I was on.

This autumn and now winter alone I have probably been sick with my asthma or something else and it's affected my asthma about 3 times or more.

Over all of it

So over asthma and anything to come with it like bronchitis and pneumonia. Thankfully I've never got as far to my knowledge or not that I remember as pneumonia. I had a really bad year last year with bronchitis but this year "knock on wood" it hasn't got that bad.

Thanks for reading this long story about me and my asthma.

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