My journey! Katherine

I did not get asthma until moving to an apartment over ten years ago! I did not have allergies! And I am a long time smoker age 52 that has quit many times, this time I have 7 months! My asthma attacks would land me in the hospital, I could not breath, I felt like I was going to die! Which would cause a panic attack. They gave me breathing treatments and sent me home with medicine, prednisone. I have taken so much prednisone, I finally ended up being admitted for chest pain and breathing problems and I finally had doctors treat me and prescribed Dulera which works for me!
A few years ago I had a rescue inhaler and a nebulizer. I have a great doctor now and she will be sending me to a new pulmonary doctor because I have lung issues that are out of control right now! I wish everyone well!


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