Not smart enough

Back in 2010, I would be short of breath. My heart would beat so hard just from a short walk to work in cold weather. I asked a lung Doctor what is wrong with me, I was told I was not smart enough to understand so he was not going to tell me. I asked my regular Doctor why he did not help me, I was told because I supposedly talked about another Doctor.

I continued to cough violently. Everything is a trigger but room air. Every X-ray of my lung has pneumonia looking lungs, worse on triggers. I later was told by a lung Doctor, no one cares about you.

Fibrosis started. Now I am coughing up blood from my lungs for about a year, getting worse now. Told by mental health Doctor, Doctors know what is wrong with me and are not helping me. After 9 years, still no diagnosis but given Breo that helps some. Told symptoms to new regular Doctor, told me I have severe asthma.

Whatever long term asthma does to your lungs, I have it. My oxygen goes to 60 in a short 2-minute walk. Quickly resolved when I rest. I now have a leaky pulmonary valve and a dilated vena cava. I strongly believe my heart can’t take anymore. Still think that pneumonia looking lungs is asthma-related or asthma itself.

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