Perfume-Induced Asthma

Yesterday was my birthday my husband took me to Kendra Scott to get my 50% off birthday item. Our Pastor and wife took us to eat. I was already needing a nebulizer treatment. I was thinking how I needed to order the portable nebulizer. I took 2 puffs of rescue inhaler. I thought this will get me long enough to get my earrings. As soon as I walked in it hit. PERFUME!! The line was long. I almost walked out I thought I was going to pass out. Does anyone suffer with this? The smells of bleach, hair products, laundry soap every smell candles too. I had to empty my house of all products that smell. I can control my house. I can't control the world. So, I try to stay out of those places. It is so hard to live like this. Any suggestions please let me know.

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