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Reactive Asthma-My Story

I was a very healthy individual, a cycling, weightlifting, Pilates, and Therapeutic Riding Instructor. At age 47 I began to have unexplained dizzy spells, especially in the mornings, and it took a visit to the ER when my heart’s electrical system started failing to start the year-long journey to determine I have Reactive Asthma. After researching my environment, I found the following toxins that lead to my decline. I lived approximately 20 miles (as the crow flies-yes I’m southern) from a County Electric-Coal burning plant. In 2009 there was a breach in the system which put out a toxic chemical. It was kept under wraps and the EPA denied it ever happened. I also found that the emissions from this plant had been polluting the air for a long time as it was built in the 1950’s and I had lived in the area for over 30 years of my life. To complicate matters, I had replaced flooring in my home with laminate, which began to emit formaldehyde. I moved away from that area and had to quit my job as well. Unfortunately, I have to live somewhat close to that area for the next year-and-a-half. I plan to move, but need to find a place far away from chemical plants. I am on five medications to keep myself stable and then use a mask whenever I go outside the house. I live in a house with all tile and a special air conditioning system that filters out fine particulates. As you can see in my profile picture, I have a horse and on good air days I can see and ride her. I have no pets at home. I am also in the middle of a divorce, he decided he wanted younger and healthier. I look forward to learning from everyone, I know we can help one another get through these difficult times. Thanks! 🙂

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  • ceecee
    2 years ago

    Hi Patti – so sorry you are going thru this. At least you have a plan to move away from the toxicity, I am also afraid the EPA will be less regulated under the current administration and that will hurt us all. You mentioned going thru a divorce. That is a huge stress maker and stress at least for me causes bad asthma attacks. I go thru deep breathing and meditation several times a day and yoga stretches. My mantra has become ” and this will pass too.” Another thing that helps me as a single woman living alone is not to isolate myself. I work part time and set up many social outings with different sets of friends. When I am too tired with an asthma attack though, my friends understand that I may have to postpone the get together. It is important to have that conversation with friends beforehand. I drink a lot of water and eat only organic when possible. Because I also have GERD which is common among asthmatics, I really watch my diet (no greasy foods and watch sugar?and carbs) and have lost some weight which helps. I do have an indoor cat, but he is short hair and I brush him and vacuum frequently. I also have 2 rabbit air purifiers that run 24/7 that seem to help me. Maybe some of these things will help you. Good luck.

  • Leon Lebowitz, RRT moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Patty and welcome. You certainly seem to have your asthma analyzed quite thoroughly. We do appreciate your candor. The plans you’ve shared here to modify your environment and life style will go a long way towards bringing your asthma under control.

    As you may realize, we have a wealth of information on our website related to all things asthma. In view of your particular situation, I thought you might find it helpful to look at this article about ‘triggers’:

    In addition, this article reviews medications that are used in the treatment of asthma: I’m sure you will find it makes for interesting and informative reading.

    If you haven’t as yet, you will certainly want to check out our community on Facebook: There you will find a large membership who share anecdotal experiences about their own conditions. It’s an extremely interactive and supportive site.

    We’re glad to have you as part of our community, Patty. You are always welcome here!!
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

  • Chucko
    3 years ago

    Hi patty..
    I also was hit 51 slowed me to a stop.i own a pest control company and thought my life was over..with my meds and exercise im back to a balenced but careful life..and..they except us as we are orr..bye bye– need to chat..yell back..hang in there…chuck

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