Recognizing Shortness of Breath

Hi everyone! I have had asthma for a few years now, having been diagnosed as an adult. My asthma now is mostly controlled and I feel really good as a result. I always had trouble recognizing shortness of breath vs being unable to breathe. I now know getting breathless walking into a building or up a flight of stairs is not just being unfit. That coughing uncontrollably after exercise is not being unfit. That waking up gasping is not always just sleep apnea. I went many years feeling like that without knowing I had asthma. Those moments now are rare. I make sure to use my inhalers faithfully and try to actively stay informed and learn more about asthma. Just thought I would share my little story so maybe others won’t second guess if they are short of breath. My rescue inhaler is now my friend and I use it if I need to. Breathing well is a wonderful thing!

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