Sleeping on a Futon Low To Carpet

Sleeping on a futon very close to a nylon carpet is a nightmare waiting to happen. I have slept on carpets and futons before and there has never been an issue, but in this one particular episode, there was a very stressful reaction.

I woke up only minutes of falling asleep, wheezing, coughing, grasping at my chest and throat as I could not breathe. The rescue inhalers did not work. I sat up and managed to walk to the bathroom and only then I started to recover slowly. Once I managed to recover and go back to the room I was sleeping in I once again lied down to go back to sleep when suddenly another severe attack began. This time I happened to look down and saw the carpet. It didn't seem strange at the moment but once I removed myself from the room and recovered once again I decided to go back into the room to look at the carpet. I ran my hand softly over it and felt it had a high nylon content. Once I put my face a little closer to see the tight loop of the weave I started to wheeze.

This kind of carpet is a killer for me. Now, I have wooden and marble floors. I do not use a vacuum cleaner but a brush, mops, and floor squeezy blades to clean the floors. It can be much work but if you use a dry elongated mop to sweep the floors it keeps the dust downwards and not causing to man dust particles in the air in an upward direction. The mopping is essential to clean the floors and to take up any other dust particles that escaped.

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