Asthma Airport Scare

Not too long ago while I was waiting in line at the TSA security checkpoint at the Chicago Midway airport, I almost had an asthma episode.

My smell sensitivity

I was placing my items in the bins that go through the x-ray machines when I smelled the tobacco odor that clung to the person's clothes next to me in the line. I am extremely sensitive to tobacco smell. It is the number one trigger for me.

As soon as I smelled it, I felt my bronchial muscles constricting. I stepped to the back of the line and looked at the TSA agent in front of me. The TSA agent asked me right away "Ma'am, are you OK?", which I answered (while looking at the smell wearer), "No, I have asthma, tobacco smell makes me very sick and my inhaler is going through the x-ray machine at this moment."

Getting help

Fortunately, the TSA agent understood the severity of the situation and asked me to go first through the scanning device. I commend this TSA agent's response. He saved my life that day!

I just wish and hope that smokers become conscientious of how detrimental to others' health is carrying tobacco smell with you!

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