Stranger to Asthma

Well, as a child I remember always having lots of colds, coughing spells and chest pain much often, but took it lightly since I wasn't used to visiting hospitals or clinics. Often my dad will always treat it at home with ginger and sugar and other ointments, anytime it surfaced.

So, my symptoms got worse

As I grew up, though I still had severe symptoms of cold during the harmattan and other unfavorable weather seasons which I know now might have been undiagnosed rhinitis, never took them seriously because the chest pain became almost nonexistent and the coughs got less bothersome. Took it to be effects of changes in the weather.

Until late in the year 2017, shortly after my 24th birthday, I found it harder an harder to breathe as days went by, and no matter how hard I tried to cure that feeling at home, I just couldn't. Even to the extent that I could get so breathless that I will be unable to utter a complete word without taking a breath into my very tight chest. Wheezing became totally absent and it felt as if I would die the next minute. If not for God's intervention, I probably wouldn't have been alive by now.

New asthma diagnosis

So I took action and went to see a doctor, then I was told the saddest but realistic news of being a chronic asthmatic. I have since then being given a Ventolin, oral steroids n preventers when it is getting out of control. I am barely two years at this disease so don't understand much of some of the symptoms that go on in my body, will need much help there. Now I am always afraid to do strenuous activities because I don't know what might happen, and don't want to risk it. I also feel embarrassed having to carry about an inhaler everywhere I go and use it, even in the midst of people? I don't think I have come to terms with being asthmatic yet. I don't know when this will happen, or if it ever will. Thanks!

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