Stress Test

As a follow-up from an ER visit in February which showed an abnormal EKG, I was referred to a cardiologist who ordered an Echocardiogram and a nuclear stress test. I had heard the stress test was no big deal. I had an IV with some radioactive chemical to look at my heart function during exercise on a treadmill.

So I get on the treadmill at level 1.7 mph and 10% incline, 2 minutes into the test I am way over the target heart rate, and I start to get very short of breath. We didn't even go to level 2. I only made it 3 minutes and thought I was about to die. I took my inhaler and they finished doing their scans. I was sure I failed the test and that I had a very bad heart condition. Later that day the doctor's office called to say my test was normal.

I hope I never have to do that test again. I couldn't find any comment from an asthmatic taking a stress test so I hope this helps anyone else who is having one done.

Take your inhaler with you!!

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