Asthma Misadventures
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We all know the saying, regrets always come later, right? Yeah, that what happened.

I was diagnosed of with asthma just two years ago. How? After three years of dealing with different medications because of the persistent coughs.

I was an active person as a kid, although not always exercising, and I don’t get sick that much. Then I entered college, and it went downhill from there because, well, I really don’t do exercise. It started when I was second year, after catching a flu and getting sick – somehow the coughs (with phlegm) persisted. It was going on and off like a switch, and not until I was in fourth year I was diagnosed to have pneumonia. Another set of medicines with nebulizer and oral medications, and it didn’t really help so we went for a second opinion and it was revealed that I have asthma. That was, November 2015.

Mom said I had it when I was a kid (my brother also had it – and our grandfather) so I guess it didn’t really come out of nowhere. I don’t know how that happened, I mean, children with asthma usually have inhalers and stuff, right? And I didn’t for the last two decades of my life. I mean, I don’t even know if that’s possible.

So I took medications from November to December in 2015, and got maintenance on vitamins. Fortunately, the mucus was gone and I really hadn’t had any problem for almost a year – without inhalers or any medication. But when we came back last week my chest felt heavy and I was not able to sleep, turns out I do have another maintenance medicine (Maxivent). I was surprised, I mean, her father (they’re family of doctors) hadn’t mention about it because I certainly wouldn’t forget about something like that – I mean, they did insist I would take vitamins for the rest of my life after all.

Anyway, when I took the medication two years ago it was effective. The mucus was gone and I haven’t had any problems. But now, the medications seems to be only working a few hours before the symptoms (chest tightening, cough, anxiety) keeps coming back.

And I would be undergoing Spirometry before going back for an x-ray and hopefully it would really have helped me find out what exact plan should I have about keeping down my asthma and if I do need to change my medications. Exercises and diet, y’know.

Don’t care if I irritate mom and the doctors, I would not be taking this lightly and barrage them with questions. Why? Well, because it would certainly help me reduce my anxiety – which is one of my triggers.

Cheers for recovering, peeps!

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