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Coping with Asthma

Everyday with asthma

  • By lauren.tucker Keymaster

    What is your day to day like with asthma?

  • By lily

    Interesting that my asthma symptoms do change from day to day. If it’s damp.. cold… productive coughing…. I am never really clear except when I go to the desert in the winter…. remain fairly clear until winds arrive… or desert starts to bloom…. then there is the threat of someone with too much cologne or the other extreme cleaning sprays. I manage my asthma to limit major flare ups….but it is always waiting to niggle. Prednisone is my go to last med if ventolin and symbicort dont appear to be doing the job.

  • By Leon Lebowitz, RRT Moderator

    Hi lily and thanks for sharing your experiences with asthma. It really does sound like you know yourself and your asthma and how to manage your symptoms and condition to prevent and avoid exacerbations. We’re glad to have you as a member of our online community.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

  • By WheezyMe

    My everyday is mostly like that of others around me. I feel it more when I get a cold, for instance, or when winter weather is really harsh.
    Some aspect that I encounter almost on a daily basis is keeping away from people who smoke in public (even in the bus stop or along the street)- I often need to cross the road or get away from where I am and I think it’s unfair. I would be happy to see nee laws regarding that subject. Anyone who can relate?

  • By Richard Faust

    Hi Wheezyme. I think many can relate to having issues with the cigarette smoke. In fact, note it is the first item mentioned in this article on irritants:

    Also, you mentioned particularly noticing your asthma when you get a cold. Thought you might be interested in this article looking at why colds last longer and/or are worse for those with asthma: Thanks for being part of the community. Best, Richard ( Team)

  • By krishwaecosse

    Like many others I feel that my asthma doesn’t really stop me from doing other things, well not that I notice anyway. Having had asthma since I was a small child I have gotten used to carrying an inhaler with me all the time, or having to take my reliever inhaler if I go somewhere there is a trigger for me, or when the weather is awkward.
    I’m used to feeling wheezy or short of breath at some point throughout the day, but since I have an inhaler to help then it has become part of my normality.

  • By Leon Lebowitz, RRT Moderator

    Hi again, krishwaecosse, and thanks for your input to this question posed by our site lead, Lauren Tucker. We appreciate your input. It’s good to hear that, for the most part, you feel you have good control over your condition and that it does not keep you from your day-to-day routines and activities. All the best, Leon (site moderator)