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  • Asthma Myths and Misconceptions

    There are so many asthma myths and misconceptions. Please comment in the forum and let me know what are some asthma myths you hear ALL the time and get frustrated about!

    Tooth decay and inhalers


    I am looking for some help or experience others may have had.

    I have been on steroid inhalers for 29 years and oral tablets for 11 years (9 years continuously now). I have always had very good teeth with no need for fillings or any work done at the dentist except for fixing a tooth I got knocked out playing a sport.

    The problem now is that suddenly my teeth are almost crumbling. I thought I always looked after them pretty well and brush them twice a day use mouth wash after taking my steroid inhalers and flossing etc. In the last month, one tooth has totally crumbled and three others are starting to.

    I have a massive fear of the dentist in Brampton (
    ) ever since I had my tooth repaired when I got it knocked out. I always go for my checkups and never anything needs to be done.

    Has anyone else had experience of problems with teeth after a long time on inhaled or oral steroids? I need the steroids to keep my chest as well as possible but I don’t want to be losing my teeth as a result.

    Would appreciate any help or advice etc.


    Daily Life Accomodations

    So many of us have eliminated lots of products and situations to avoid or triggers, and I see plenty of recommendations for things to eliminate. What about the things we replace them with? For example, I’ve had to eliminate fragranced body and cleaning products. I had no problem finding a fragrance-free laundry detergent (I like Bio-kleen, but there are tons of others), but I’m struggling to find a fragrance-free bar soap that isn’t ridiculously expensive. I’ve also tried whenever possible to swap out greetings of hugs and kisses with handshakes.
    (Moderators, I know the site doesn’t allow advertising, but with so many people in the community facing the need to avoid large numbers of products, I think it might be helpful for us to pool our experiences to find and share the few things that do work for us.)

    Steroids and teeth!!

    My 5 yr old daughter has an excellent diet. Unfortunately, her health has been awful the last few months though, including hypoglycemia due to steroids for adrenal insufficiency and brittle asthma.

    She had a toothache, so despite having her checkup booked for a months time, I popped her to the dentist today. He told me her teeth were dreadful and she needed 5 fillings. He asked if she had lots of sugar and sweets….she doesn’t!! She hasn’t got a sweet tooth at all and always craves salty foods.
    I really feel like I’ve failed her but seriously know she has an excellent balanced diet!! All I can think of is she has little cereal bars regularly through the day to keep her sugar levels up. They were recommended by the dietician as part of a controlled diet for her hypoglycemia!!

    Can the steroids be to blame too???? The dentist ( ) said not but I remember her consultant saying years ago they could do!! She still has her baby teeth.
    I really feel low as every day has been a battle recently with her health and I feel so sad that she has gone from a stable little girl to one that has problems each and every day. And now to be told this is so devastating. I feel so guilty :-((

    Does anyone have any experience with steroids and dental issues??

    Nucala Injection

    Recently I was recommended by my asthma doctor, to start getting the Nucala injection. I had severe asthma as a child, grew out of it at 18 and then it returned a few years ago at the age of 62. I have been on allergy shots for many years and continue to get them. My asthma symptoms are under control but, only while I’m on 10 mg. of prednisone daily along with Breo inhaler.
    I’m nervous about getting the Nucala injection because of the possible side affect of shingles. I had chicken pox as a kid and I have not had the shingles vaccine.
    Since Nucala is new, I want to know about its success rate thus far and if shingles has been reported after starting Nucala or after getting the shingles accident?

    Planning to consult doctor with regards to cion

    Quiet an important matter to be discussed. My son was suffering from Bronchitis since the age of 4. Now he is 10 years and he was on inhalers and steroid medicines. In spite of this, he would get episodes of breathlessness and cough almost every day. Even doctors used to feel sorry for him. Seeing a small child suffering like this with Asthma. He had his blood samples checked every time after asthma affects him. Now they decided to increase the dosage of the medicines. The nights were a horror for us until we got CPAP masks, at least to make sure he gets good sleep. Now that he sleeps well, can we consult a doctor to check if the dosage of medication can to be brought down or avoid the medicines at night? I’m afraid of the constant use of high steroid medicines can affect his body.

    End of life planning

    Talking about the end of our life can feel taboo, but the fact is we will all be in that stage of life at some point, and having a plan, or at least making our wishes known, can make a better end of life experience for yourself and your loved ones. Having these discussions can be extremely helpful in identifying what we want, and just as important, what we don’t want through the different stages of life.

    Having trouble getting this conversation started? That’s okay! This can be a tricky topic to approach. Ask your questions below or talk about what you have experienced when it comes to advanced directives.

    What is your favorite Asthma-friendly exercise?

    Hi everyone!
    As both exercise and cold weather trigger my asthma, I usually exercise indoors during the cold months.
    I enjoy dancing at home, using YouTube videos. That way I choose songs I like, adjust intensity to my needs and can also fit it into my schedule.
    Sometimes I swim indoors- I find it great for my breathing.
    Any other fun ideas? What is your favorite one?

    Alternative Meds?

    Hi All, I just want to ask if anyone ever tried using medical cannabis as an alternative meds? I have read many articles about medical marijuana and how it can help you in terms of chronic pain, glaucoma, eating disorder/anorexia, anxiety disorders and panic attacks, inflammation, even cancer and a lot more. Like this article about asthma and marijuana from Cbd and thc are also new to me and I don’t even smoke. If this is true I cant find any solid conclusive evidence that speaks to its efficacy. Any personal experience or testimonial would be highly appreciated. Thanks

    Another attack and another hospital admission

    Finally home after my latest hospital admission. It’s been a rough few weeks and this latest episode has left me with more questions than answers.
    I’ve now managed to update my asthma blog

    Nucala injection

    I just started the Nucala injection. I’m hopeful that this will help me get off prednisone. Has anyone had any success with this treatment?

    Asthma and cosmetic dentistry..

    Hey! I am Katrice. My sister Juliet fell down from the stairs. Her face hit on the floor and her front tooth broken. The front tooth in the upper row broken partially. Immediately we took her to the dentist, after the cosmetic dental procedures from Ajax, the problem was solved. The doctor suggested dental implants for her. Still, procedures are left. 3 more visits are required to complete the procedures. My sister is an asthma patient. I am very much worried about that. I have heard that cosmetic dental treatments will worsen the situation of asthma patients. Is that true? The dentist has given 100% assurance on her recovery. What are things to be taken care of asthma patients before doing dental treatments? Please share your views…..

    Adult-Onset Fairly Recent Diagnosis

    Sorry for the long post, needing to vent… Hi, I am new to this site and so glad I found it. I am a 44 year old woman with young sons. Just prior to turning 43, in November, 2015, I had a cough/cold/congestion viral upper respiratory infection type thing that lasted about two weeks. Everything cleared up except for the wheezing, chest tightness, and overall uncomfortable breathing. I suffered for about a month before seeing my PCP. After about 2 minutes of me describing what happened, she said “you have asthma”. Followed by, “adult onset asthma can be particularly difficult to control.” Yay me. Immediately got a rescue inhaler, started low-dose combination LABA/ICS, and a short course of oral steroids. After a month or so, it was a little better but still not great. So increased doses of the LABA/ICS and added a leukotriene inhibitor, plus daily Claritin and Flonase. From zero drugs to 5 in less than 3 months. Well that did the trick and I would describe my asthma as very well controlled for a good long while. Trials of reducing meds were not successful, so just stick with what works. Fast-forward to March 26, 2017, and BAM! I work in a small office and a coworker brought in some beautiful, fresh-picked lilacs. Within an hour I was in pretty bad shape. Never noticed any issues around flowers before. Problem is, the six or so weeks since then have been one long flare-up. Have a few good days, then lots of bad ones. Two courses of oral steroids, a long-acting anticholinergic used for COPD patients, and an Atrovent inhaler also for COPD, in addition to all my other meds. And I need to use a nebulizer at times when inhalers are just not working. I am missing work days, missing out on quality time with my boys, numerous conversations with my doctor, and I finally gave in today and sought help at an urgent care because I was just completely exhausted. There have been multiple times over the past few weeks where, in retrospect, I know I should have sought urgent/ER help, but I was too stubborn. Thankfully, things didn’t turn out far worse. I have been a registered nurse / paramedic for 20 years, the first 17 of them were in the ER, helicopters, and ambulances. I know the difference in an asthmatic who is “fixing to die” and one who is in bad shape but not “fixing to die.” But that emergency career was before I, personally had experienced asthma. So my big challenge now looks like this: I feel awful, all the tools in my asthma toolbox are not really working that well. But, I am not “fixing to die”, so I must be okay and need to just wait it out. Then come sleepless nights, agitated cranky mood, exhaustion, frustration, and bleak thoughts like “I’m never going to feel normal again.” I finally got a referral to a pulmonologist and am waiting for the appointment. I sincerely hope he or she can help me figure this out. But for now, ASTHMA JUST SUCKS. Thank you for reading my rambling, venting, pitiful story. This has expanded my compassion for my patients in a big way.

    Doubles tennis and pickleball

    I am 85 and play the above.
    Sometimes I use my inhaler before and during and get thru the game. Other times, I just can’t get enough air and have to quit.
    I may have contacted a virus.
    Coughing up phelgm during the game. Seems too help.

    Old Style Radiators Packed with Dust

    Greetings, new here. My asthma is exceedingly intermittent – I can go months with no problems, but then relapse very badly for a few weeks, I often experience a setback at this time of year (early winter). I live in Montreal and it has been very cold, and that may be a problem. Anyway, my question concerns dust buildup on those old-fashioned radiators – the ones from decades ago that have about a million nooks and crannies. My new apartment has these radiators and I just discovered they are packed – and I mean really packed – with dust. The quantities are mind-boggling, actually. And I believe dust mites can be a problem for me. However, much of the dust cannot be accessed for removal (I suppose I could use high-pressure water and clean up the muddy mess), On the other hand, given that this dust is embedded in a radiator, and that my apartment is very dry, perhaps the dust is too dry and hot to harbour mites. Any thoughts? – Could hot, dry dust packed into the crevices of a radiator be a problem for an asthmatic?

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