Tips for Better Dentist Appointments

With asthma, there are constant run-ins with things that pose, for lack of a better term #AsthmaProblems. These things are often unexpected--like the impact of asthma on... visiting the dentist?! In this video, we'll explore some tips to make this aspect of dental care with asthma a bit easier

Some tips for a dentist visit

  1. Make a list of the medications you're taking.
  2. Time your appointment based on when you’re likely to have more symptoms, to ensure a smooth appointment without too many symptoms. E.g. you may cough more in the morning and may do better with an afternoon/evening appointment.
  3. Discuss with your asthma doctor if you need to pre-medicate with your rescue inhaler, before a dental (or other such) appointments.
  4. Also, discuss with your asthma doctor the need to take any medications for your allergies or sinus issues, that may cause issues with a dental appointment.

Disclaimer: Always talk to your asthma doctor before taking any new medications, changing your medication regimen, or before other medical appointments which may impact your asthma, symptoms, or treatment regimen.

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