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Why Having a Dog Would Be Good For My Asthma

While many people with asthma may not have pets because of the possible impact on their breathing or allergies, I’m choosing to look at the positives. As someone who has always wanted (but never owned) a dog, in this video, I’ll be taking the opposite stance of digging through why owning a dog would be good for my asthma.

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  • Lucira
    3 years ago

    I got Asthma and a lovely malthese dog – an antiallergic race, because they have hair and not fur… and she helps me a lot…. just imagien that days like in winter: its cold, dark and rainy, would you go outside for a walk – which would be good for your asthma? ofcourse NOT… in that care the couch would be my best friend…
    But now I got a dog, and she reminds me: it’s time for a walk 🙂 its more then that, but like many pet lovers… it’s nearly impossible to put words on it. She gives me courage – never give up

  • lauren.tucker moderator
    3 years ago

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. We are so glad to hear you have a wonderful dog by your side to give you courage! Warmly, Lauren ( Team)

  • Kerri MacKay moderator author
    3 years ago

    Thanks for your comment, Lucira!
    The joy is that I’m self employed so I could always do the quick walk in the daytime ;). I’m also from one of the 5 coldest cities in the world (and the coldest city in Canada) so… I know cold ;).

    Happy that your dog brings you so much joy! 🙂

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