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Hi ruthieq and thanks for updating us with how you’re feeling. We’re sorry to hear you’re not up to par since returning from the south. It can’t be easy for you without your peak flowmeter – especially if that is the device you use to gauge your breathing comfort level. If you are skeptical of hearing back from your physician (prior to your…

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Still not under control like I was before my visit south. I see my Dr in July. My flow meter got crushed and my Dr has not responded to my request for new Rx . So I’m not sure how far off I am. This affects my energy level, already compromised by a flare of my RA the other day. Otherwise I’m fine, thanks! 😛

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Hi Lyn and thanks so much for being interviewed and publishing the content here on Health Union. The candid presentation of how you manged the mental and emotional aspects of asthma is very much appreciated. I’m quite sure the community members who read the content of your interview will derive a great benefit from you sharing your experiences.…