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Hi AnimalLover and welcome. As Christine has said, we are all about all things asthma and asthma related. You must have a million thoughts and ideas about this condition. We have a wealth of material and experience to share. If there is anything specific you have in mind you need assistance with, please feel free to let any of the moderators/team…

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I am new to the Asthma world. I’m still trying to figure things out what my triggers are and even what constitutes an asthma attack. I also heard avoiding certain foods and eating certain foods will help. Does anyone have any info on foods, etc. That may help me on this new journey?

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If there is a smoker who’s round I just try to keep out of the end of the house or space or wherever they are and if i can not then i just have to deal with my asthma playing up. It’s someone who’s on parole so it’s a bit hard to just say go get out of my face n stop smoking etc.