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A and E doctors

I am frustrated with the amount of doctors who don’t know about the signs of asthma ie the silent chest ones. I am lucky enough to wheeze all the time but I know of some with silent chest who are just sent home , and the next thing is they need an ambulance to blue light them back to get the treatment they should have had in the first place

  1. Hi eian, and thank you for this post. You make a good point - there are several different presentations when it comes to asthma. As you said, you are wheezing all the time, and consider yourself lucky, from a diagnostic and treatment perspective.
    However, there are asthmatics who present with a 'silent chest'. If they are 'unlucky' enough to present to an uninformed and less experienced physician, they may not be treated at all. That, as you pointed out, can be disastrous!
    We appreciate both your input and your feedback.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

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